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New Orleans Corruption: Only One Party Involved. Guess Which?

Prarie Pundit [1] quotes USELESS TOADY: [2]

The number of public corruption cases here has more than quintupled, sparked by a federal crackdown on post-Katrina wrongdoings and a billboard campaign urging residents to expose crooked politics and payoffs, the FBI said.

Federal statistics show that 171 people in the metropolitan area have been indicted on public corruption charges from 2003 through mid-September of this year, said Howard Schwartz, supervisory special agent for public corruption in the FBI’s New Orleans’ office. More than 80% were convicted or pleaded guilty to charges including bribery and fraud.

The upsurge in indictments is partly the result of corruption fueled by the enticement of billions of federal and state dollars flooding the region after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Schwartz said. Nationally, the number of pending public corruption cases has increased 49% since 2001.

Says PP:

You can read the entire story and not find the party identification of those who have been charged.

Yes, well you know full well that if there were Republicans involved it would be national news.  Tell me again about how the national news outlets are not biased. and tell me about the rabbits, again.