Last July, Bitsblog re-posted a prayer appeal for Matthew Rager, who was afflicted with brain cancer.  We managed to get an update of that situation last night:

mr.jpgWe are loading our car and hoping to leave in about an hour. Matthew got the blessing of his doctor to travel.

The MRI was actually better than the last one! It shows that the brain is repairing itself since the surgery. Some scar tissue that was present last time, in no longer visable. The brain has also settled and the space where the tumor used to be is smaller, the brain is settling into its new space. There is still a hole, but a very black hole, with no gray or white spaces. The brain tumor parents out there can appreciated our love for a black space.

Matthew is set to begin his chemo protocol on the 26th of this month. He will be taking double the dose of last time, but it will only be for five days

Encouraging news, indeed. They’re still doing fundraisers, by the way.

(What, no pleas for governmental intervention?)

I am glad indeed to see the little guy on the mend.  He’s not done with this yet, but the news is encouraging.

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