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Lying Lizzy Edwards Plays Physician to Impugn Rush

Lying Lizzy,  a.k.a.  Elizabeth Edwards, a.k.a. Mrs. John Edwards is at it again.    Unlke her husband who made his fortune duping juries into believing he knew more about delivering babies than OBY/GYN”s, Lying Lizze is claiming medical expertise as to the condition of Rush Limbaugh’s derrier circa 1970.

Ben Smith, Politicio [1]:

[Lying Lizzy] My classmates went to Vietnam, he did not. He was 4F. He had a medical disability, the same medical disability that probably should have stopped him from spending a lifetime in a radio announcer’s chair; but it is true, isn’t it? If he has an inoperable position that allows him not to serve, presumably it should not allow him to sit for long periods of time the way he does. I think this is a serious enough offense for the people who fund him, who buy ads and allow him to be on the air, need to be asked if this is what they really stand for, do they think it is all right for someone who has never served to denigrate the men and women who have simply because they are expressing an opinion. Frankly, I thought that is what we are fighting for.

I don’t recall Lying Lizzy panning Howard Dean’s medical deferment for a bad back, which did not prevent Dean from skiing.

I want Mrs. Edwards to cite her medical expertise and the source of her professed knowledge of Limbaugh’s medical condidition in 1970.    Is Edwards leaking confidential medical records that are not known to exist [2]?