Ann Althouse passes along one of the more bizzare campaign slogans we’ve heard in many a year…

 (“If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council.”) Just some political slogan in Hialeah, Florida, which the Miami Herald informs us is “no laughing matter.” The Miami Herald isn’t going to tell me when to laugh.

“People want to give it a negative interpretation, but anyone who knows me and my way of being knows that I didn’t mean for the comment to degrade or offend anyone,” [Jose “Pepe” Caragol told The Miami Herald.

“My way of being” — I love that. I’m going to use that. Anyone who knows my way of being knows….

Caragol’s opponent, Mercy Dominguez, wants us to know “that as a mother and a woman she finds the phrase offensive.”

Other than a move which could only be labeled as “hey look at me” I have no idea what this guy’s purpose is.  At the very least, he’s got a lot of people talking about him.  I suppose, it could be said that the idea worked, then.  Clearly, he’s not running a “family values” campaign.  Would it be safe to assume that the guy is a Democrat? Ummmm.. yeah.

Hey, wait a minute; speaking of that… isn’t Monica Lewinsky from Hialeah?

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