Right Wing News emailed more than 225 right-of-center bloggers and asked them to send us a list of whom they considered to be their “Least Favorite People On The Right.” Representatives from the following 45 blogs responded…

Aaron’s CC, David All Group, The Anchoress, Baldilocks, Betsy’s Page, Bit’s Blog, Blonde Sagacity, Boi From Troy, Bookworm Room, The Captain’s Journal, Captain’s Quarters, Cassy Fiano, Conservative Grapevine, Damian Penny, Dissecting Leftism, Argghhhh!, Ed Driscoll, Election Projection, Musings, GraniteGrok, GOPUSA Northeast, —Ian Schwartz, IMAO, Inside Larry’s Head, Jihad Watch, Likelihood of Success, Rachel Lucas, Barking Moonbat Early Warning System, Moonbattery, mountaineer musings, Pal2pal, Pirate’s Cove, PoliPundit, PrestoPundit, Right Thinking From The Left Coast, Right Wing Rocker, Matt Sanchez, Don Singleton, Solomonia, Stop The ACLUDon Surber, Texas Rainmaker, dcthornton.com, Vox Popoli, WILLisms

Go and see who’s on the list.

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