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Just When You Thought It Was Safe Again At CU….

Former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill on Tuesday began what he told students would become a series of classes held at the school despite being fired from his position in July.

Churchill elicited applause and handshakes from the majority of the 30 or so CU students and area residents who came to hear his lecture, which he titled “ReVisioning American History: Colonization, Genocide and Formation of the U.S. Settler State.”

So reports The Daily Camera. [1]

A few observations.  First of all, Big Chief Moronic is still infecting the Colorado university campus, because he’s been able to get anyplace else on the planet from which to spew his bile.  Doesn’t say much about Colorado University does it?

So, just how does one hold classes on campus AFTER one has been fired?  Why does this moron have access to anything on campus?  Why is this moron not being arrested the moment he shows up at the perimeter of the campus? Why were the organizers allowed such access?

Oh, and as for the organizers?… the one at the front of the pack is one Aaron Smith.  Student.  It would seem the faculty at Colorado University are allowing the inmates to run the asylum.

Sounds to me, rather like CU didn’t learn the lesson.

And of course, Churchill is still requiring thuggish tactics;

One of the men watching the door, who did not give his name, became physical with a Camera reporter who tried to enter the room — grabbing his arm and pushing him — prompting a report to police.

Yes, well, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody either.  Frankly, this little showpiece, looks like something that Jesse Jackson, or one of that ilk might come up with.

Longtime readers will recall that I referred to Churchill and his supporters as Stalinist.  This situation exemplifies what I was talking about.  And isn’t it interesting, that Rush Limbaugh should be catching flak from the far left for referring to them as Stalinist, just yesterday?  Bob Beckel, it was, I believe, on Fox News yesterday afternoon.

On the other hand, I guess we can take some solace at the idea that there still aren’t many people even on the CU campus that are going to take him seriously.  Last I checked, there’s something like 30,000 people on campus.  Look up at the “again, and you’ll notice that only about 30 of them showed up.