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It’s Evolutionary My Dear Watson.

The politically correct bigots are still steamed [1] about James Watson’s observation regarding race and intelligence [2].   Selwyn Duke, American Thinker [3], dares to take another bite out the poisoned apple:

And what is the Truth about racial differences?  For one thing, is it logical and rational to claim that, except for appearance and a few diseases and conditions of the body, every group is the same in every way? 

This is the left’s implication, and it’s absurd.  It seems especially odd when you consider that most of these inquisitors are secularists who subscribe to the theory of evolution. Yet, despite their belief that different groups “evolved” in completely different parts of the world, operating in different environments and subject to different stresses, they would have us believe that all groups are identical in terms of the multitude of man’s talents and in every single measure of mental capacity.  Why, miracle of miracles, all these two-legged cosmic accidents, the product of a billions-of-years journey from the primordial soup to primacy among creatures, whose evolution was influenced by perhaps millions of factors, wound up being precisely the same.  It’s really the best argument for God I’ve ever heard, as such a statistical impossibility could only exist if it was ordained by the one with whom all things are possible.

For the PC bigot’s theory to even hold water they need a pausible theory to explain that while populations have different means in some metrics, such as skin color and susceptibity to disease, in other metrics the means remain the same.   That is the PC bigot need to explain while some traits evolve, change over time, others do not.   Good luck.