From the Daily Mail this morning, comes word we’ve heard before… and those pushing for the government to take over our healthcare system have disregarded:

 Record numbers of Britons are travelling abroad for medical treatment to escape the NHS – with 70,000 patients expected to fly out this year.

And by the end of the decade 200,000 “health tourists” will fly as far as Malaysa and South Africa for major surgery to avoid long waiting lists and the rising threat of superbugs, according to a new report.

The first survey of Britons opting for treatment overseas shows that fears of hospital infections and frustration of often waiting months for operations are fuelling the increasing trend.

Patients needing major heart surgery, hip operations and cataracts are using the internet to book operations to be carried out thousands of miles away.

India is the most popular destination for surgery, followed by Hungary, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Poland and Spain. But dozens more countries are attracting health tourists.

The instinctive reaction of course, is “India?” 

Yep. India. 

I said, India. 

But this would seem to be a rather important clue on just how bad it’s gotten, and how bad it’s going to be here should we follow the same course.

One thing that would get better, though, (it’s not all bad) is the traffic just west of me here at the Canadian border, caused by ‘health tourism’ trying escape the government healthcare system in Canada… to get to the ‘states. We’ll save money on the expansion of the Peace Bridge…

I wish someone would have the stones to ask Hillary Clinton.. or anyone pushing government healthcare,  about such matters.

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