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How Much Unreported Income?

Ya know, I wasn’t going to address this SCHIP hysteria for a while. I really wasn’t. But in reading Michelle’s excellent piece [1] just now, a thought occurrs that I think should be captured. The trigger:

What if I told you I drove these three cars…

A Volvo SUV…

A GMC Suburban…

And a nice, big Ford F250 Pickup work truck…

And what if I told you, further, that I owned a large home and commercial property worth at least $400,000 in total-property for which I paid a total of $215,000?

And what if I told you, in addition, that I was resourceful enough to cobble together financing (through scholarships and other means) for private school education for four children?

And what if I told you that neither I nor my spouse were employed full-time-one of us working “intermittently” and the other “part-time” [2]?

Would you consider my family “exactly the kind” [3] and “precisely the type” [4] of family that should benefit from S-CHIP, the government-subsidized health insurance program intended for the “working poor?”

Valid points. But there’s another which nobody’s dared address: Look at the stated income in Leftie apologist Paul Krugman’s article: [5]

$45000, combined income.

I’d like to know how in the wide wide world of sports they’re managing to pay for all of this on $45k of income. There are only three possible answers: They’re not paying it on that income because they’re getting a good deal of unreported income which allows them to support this lifestyle…. else/and they are hyper-extended, credit-wise, and thereby essentially unprepared for ANY emergency. In any of these cases, there is very serious question about using these people as a poster for government takeover of health care.

If in fact the Frosts are emblematic of the type of family the Democrats think are deserving of healthcare paid for with MY money, we as a nation have bigger problems than we’re going to be able to solve by throwing your money and mine at it. We have a problem centering on honesty and responsibility.

We also have a problem with a political party willing to toss aside those concepts.  Think about it; Democrats willing to toss aside honesty and responsibility. Does the concept shock you? Me, neither.

Addendum: BBCT for the link, Michelle.

Addendum ][: (Bit) And Steyn [6], and Memeorandum [7]

Addendum III: And Right Wing News  [8]