Even if we assume that the security firm Blackwater doesn’t belong in Iraq, (I know, I know, but just go with me for a moment…) there would appear to be some problems with how things are connected in terms of Blackwater, and those complaining publicly about their operations in Iraq.  You may remember, that one of the biggest complainers about that company and their presence in Iraq has been Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Well, Flipper rides again.

WASHINGTON -(NY POST) The company run by one of Hillary Clinton‘s top campaign officials has been providing public-relations services for Blackwater – the security firm, accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians, that has come under fire from Congress.

hillary-freaky.jpg Burson-Marsteller, run by Clinton pollster Mark Penn, has been representing the troubled security firm in the lead-up to congressional testimony this week in which top company officials defended their policies and techniques for providing security in the war zone.

Penn is one of Clinton’s longest-serving and most important advisers, perhaps second only to her husband in influence.

He said yesterday that his company was no longer representing Blackwater.

Doubtless, this disconnection occurred within 30 seconds of the interview that generated those comments. Though, whether before or after the interview, is an open question, I think.

Personally, I’m firmly convinced that the company belongs there.  I would further suggest, as I have before, but that whole situation with these supposed civilians was a setup, designed to elicit sympathy from the American left.

Since she’s now complaining about it, the tactic would appear to have worked.

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