Jon Roth at GOP Bloggers hits this one square on:

 Nothing gets a Democrat angrier (not even the incineration of nearly 3,000 civilians on American soil) than having his judgment on national security questioned. The knee-jerk response is to howl about how dissent is critical to American life (unless you don’t buy into the global warming hoax, because on global warming there is no allowable dissent) and to rail against questioning their patriotism.

So, who are the patriots and who are the traitors? The Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent America from winning; they are doing everything they can to ensure America loses and that our enemies, al Qaeda and Iran, emerge victorious. General Petraeus has served in uniform his entire adult life and he and his troops are dedicating their lives to fight our enemies. The only interests that are served by leaving Iraq as a failed state are those of the Islamists.

And, the sort term power grab of the Democrats, of course.  Go and RTWT.

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