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FISA And the Democrats Failure in Crippling It

One of the people noticing the democrats problems with the FISA legislation is Michelle Malkin. [1] She properly labels at the FISA obstruction legislation.  She says:

Question of the night comes from Paul Mirengoff at Power Line [2] in the wake of the Democrats’ withdrawal of their flawed FISA obstruction legislation:

My question is: how did the Democrats sink to a place where they place pandering to left-wing constituencies and sticking it to the president ahead of the safety of Americans, including American GIs? Tonight, more than a few “moderate” congressional Dems are probably wondering the same thing.

Actually, I think that line was crossed several years ago.  We’ve been pointing that out here with some degree of regularity since the day this website went online on Blogger’s pages.

The Worldwide Standard [3], (BBCT: Memeorandum [4])lays out how this specific bill came to this specific pass.  Does a fairly decent job of it, too.

Perhaps most amusing of all, when forced to explain why they blocked a floor debate, Democrats said it was important to move swiftly to reauthorize the law. Never mind that it was they who insisted the law expire quickly; if this was really their view then they would schedule a vote to extend the measure as is–since the votes were clearly there for such a measure.

Quite so.  Clearly what’s going on is the Democrats want the law changed in their favor.  Their problem is they failed miserably in getting that accomplished. As they have been falling with their entire agenda.

As an aside, there is a lesson to be learned here about a decided minority winning strategic victories.  It’s a situation that I have described for al-Qaida and their tactics a few times in the past few years; all one needs do is fight to a stalemate, and let the public relations create the victory.  That’s precisely the tactic the Republicans are on.  Interestingly enough, the Democrats haven’t figured out that that’s precisely what we’re up against in Iraq.  That they have not identified the tactic in either case, tells me all I need to know about their ability to hold the office is they currently hold.  More correctly, their inability.

At this stage of the game, no matter what they do, the Democrats are going to come away looking like they are working against America’s interests.  I suggest that is the correct perception to take away; Any objective view of their actions can come to no other conclusion.