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First the Team, Now the Coach

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — [1] The former Duke University men’s lacrosse coach who resigned last year amid allegations that three of his players raped a stripper has sued the university.

Mike Pressler’s lawsuit apparently stems from a financial settlement the school reached earlier this year with him, although school officials did not give details Friday. The players were later cleared of the charges.

The Herald-Sun of Durham reported Friday on its Web site that his lawsuit alleges the university broke the terms of the confidential settlement when university senior vice president John Burness made disparaging comments about him.

The newspaper reported that the lawsuit asks the state court to void the settlement and hold a trial on Pressler’s claim of wrongful termination.

Normally, I am dead set against most lawsuits, because frankly the vast majority of them have become trivial in nature.  This, however, is one that I’m glad to see leveled.   Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the college level a suit against the county and against Mike Nifong, as well. had they not acted inappropriately, the whole mess wouldn’t have gotten started in the first place , and the coach would’ve still had his job.