The Houston Chronicle:

WASHINGTON — Hoping to defy more expectations, Rep. Ron Paul is ratcheting up his maverick Republican presidential campaign by launching TV and radio commercials in early primary states and setting an ambitious $12 million fundraising goal.

For a candidate often relegated by pundits to second- or third-tier status, Paul’s ability to make a big entry into advertising wars is unusual.

Not really. It’s called “Desperation” and “Having nothing to lose”.

Addendum: (David L)

You can see Paul’s campaign video, here.  Color me underwelmed.  Paul both claims to be a straight shooter and then claims that being a physician gives him some magical ability to understand the healthcare issue.

Funny… I thought the issue with healthcare was not the treatment options but how to finance it.

Hat tip: Allah Pundit, Hot Air.

Addendum II:(Bit) Well, exactly…. and so much for his ‘libertarian’ creds… any he might have had just got washed away.  It seems to me rather obvious that he’s not arguing from libertarian principle if he argues not from the basics…. as in, by what right does the government take my money to pay for someone’ else’s healthcare needs… and instead argues it from the best way to impliment such theft.

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