Eliot SpitzerIn a mind boggling dumb move, which drew the warth of the blog.  New York Governor Eliot Spitzer ordered the state to issue driver licenses to illegal aliens.

While New York State’s governor may be willing to insult the citizens of the state whom elected him, thirteen elected county clerks professed loyalty to the consituents,

Tom Precious, Buffalo News:

ALBANY — County clerks across New York State revolted Thursday against Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer’s new policy that will let illegal immigrants obtain driver’s licenses, with at least a dozen counties saying they would refuse to implement the controversial program.

Setting up a major legal confrontation, the clerks from 13 counties — including Genesee, Allegany and Monroe — called Spitzer’s policy a threat to the state’s security that was rushed into without the input from legislators, law enforcement and those on the front lines who issue the licenses.

County clecks are elected.   They work for the people of their county and not the governor.   This should bear watching.

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