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Sadly, Mr. Chuck Adkins of Lincoln Park, Michigan has now taken his rude behavior a step too far. Tonight I posted a respectful comment (no profanity or anything) to his blog asking him to explain to me how Limbaugh had “mocked” the Frost kid. I don’t listen to Rush, so I was curious. I hadn’t seen any mocking of this child taking place. I had simply seen people questioning the assertion that the public needed to pay for the family’s health insurance, as I question myself.

Unfortunately, Mr. Adkins doesn’t seem to be the kind of man who can answer simple questions about his beliefs without flying off into a violent rage. Within minutes of posting my comments, I received this email from Mr. Adkins.

Hey Idiot,

Don’t waste your damn time or mine commenting on my fucking Blog, I saw what you wrote, so, don’t come around thinking I will let your fucking comments stand.

obscure Blogger, FUCK YOU!

Goodbye dickhead

My, my! Aren’t we testy this evening. I certainly didn’t expect that kind of a response. I wrote him back saying that I assumed he would be too big of a pussy to let my comment remain on his site, which proved to be true since it is gone now, and stated that I assumed there was no mocking going on. I quickly received this threat in reply:

it was when he was imitating the fucking kid, ya fucking asshat… if you get your god damned head out your fucking ass or out of George W. Bush’s ASS you’d see that.
damned idiot, now go run your lame ass blog and leave me fuck alone, before I call a damn hit out on your ass. I know people in Georgia, ya know.

That, my friend, is called a threat of physical violence (murder in this case), and it is against the law in every state of our great Union. I’m sure the police in Lincoln Park will be interested to hear all about it..

UPDATE: I actually had the privledge of speaking to Mr. Adkins on the phone tonight. His mom was kind enough to go get him for me. I know you’ll have a hard time believing this, but he says it was all just some kind of misunderstanding and he wasn’t really threatening me after all. Imagine that!!

UPDATE 2: Low and behold we’ve just recieved the sad, sad news that within 45 minutes of my call to his mom’s house, Charlie has decided to “Take a break” from political blogging for a while! How sad! That just breaks my heart, Charlie! What in the world will we all do without you?

Well at least I won’t have to call you mom tomorrow and let her know what kind of sick and violent things you’ve been saying about people online using her Comcast connection. It’s probably for the best.

Now, in case you’re wondering why I basically repeated this entire post, more or less, this Chuck Adkins idiot was the same one I took to task last week with a screen capture of his blog where he complained bitterly about violence against Randi Rhodes…( which didn’t happen,) and yet in the same page had (bad) graphics encouraging people to shoot Ann Coulter:


To those of you whose sensibilities were ruffled by the contents of the quote, I am sorry that you were offended, yet I do not apologize for the act.  You should be offended.  At the person who wrote the words.  My hiding them, doesn’t change that.  I want you to see what it is we’re up against, with liberalism as it has devolved here in the US.

So, he’s still living with mom…. What a surprise.  I’ve been saying it for years… in fact, I’ll quote from the Quips page: Liberalism and Socialism are adolescent mindsets. Giving liberals and socialists the power of government is like giving a 944 Porsche to a 12 year old.  And here we have an example in Master Adkins.

I’ve left comment at his site, which we both know will never see light of day there.

In that comment, I told him:

You came to this earthshaking conclusion, after of several minutes of intensive conversation with your mom, following that phone call, no doubt. (Chuckle)

There were several other indications that we were dealing with a somewhat underdeveloped teenage mentality, with you. Do yourself a favor; learn a little bit about the world… get some of the water out from behind your ears, before you try this again.

But just a word of advice; leave the physical threats at the door. You managed to get away with it to a larger degree than you imagine this time. The legal repercussions of actual adults making the kind of comments you’ve been making, on various sites, including this one, would land you in a jail term.

I consider the matter with Master Adkins closed, for the time being. My guess is, that once he grows up some, (In short coming to the point in his life he now claims to be… 35, instead of the actual 17 years old…) he’ll realize how foolish he has been, not only with his interpersonal skills, or the lack thereof, but his overt support of liberalism/socialism in general.  Particularly amusing, is his conflagration between populism and liberalism. Apparently, Mr. Adkins doesn’t own a dictionary, or he’d understand the difference.  But you have to wonder, how much of the Left-O-Sphere is inhabited with such creatures.  Certainly, from a mentality standpoint, you can’t fit water between Master Adkins, and most of the rest of them.

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