I only heard part of this, today, while scanning across KYW/1060… it doesn’t come in up here very well in the daytime.


Outraged citizens crashed the e-mail system of the Philadelphia mayor’s office after the city accused the local Boy Scouts chapter of discriminating against homosexuals and forced the organization to pay $200,000 rent for its city-owned headquarters.

About 150,000 Boy Scout-related e-mails were removed from the city’s e-mail system, reported the Bulletin newspaper of Philadelphia. 

“We were deluged,” said Terry Phillis, chief information officer for Mayor John Street. “We pulled the messages off so they wouldn’t take the system down. It had to be done to protect system integrity.”

As WND reported, Philadelphia’s city council voted to renege on a 1928 ordinance allowing the Cradle of Liberty Council to have its headquarters in a building on a parcel of public land “in perpetuity” for $1 a year.

I’ve seen that become needful in other server overload situations.  One wonders, though if even after this reaction, the city fathers will react accodingly.

And once again, we find ourselves in a situation where the government is over-rding the culture they were supposed to protect and nurture.

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