If there’s anyone in talk radio that has a lower credibility than Err America, it’s Alex Jones.

So, when we find Captain Ed asking the question..

Why is Ron Paul’s campaign paying Alex Jones?

… it just clicks.

Ron Paul, grade A screwballThe question of what Ron Paul represents has burned through the blogosphere this week, followed shortly afterwards by a revelation about an apparently unsolicited donation from a white supremacist. Today brings a much more revealing look at the Paul campaign, as Hot Air and MVRWC have discovered a payment from Team Paul to Alex Jones — the 9/11 Truther leader — for $1300 in “services”.  Allahpundit notes:

Assuming it’s the same Alex Jones, which seems a safe bet, pray tell what might that payment have been for? The likeliest explanation is that it’s some sort of service fee, either Jones doing something on behalf of the campaign or allowing the campaign to do something using his property. Either way, I’m mighty curious to know what special service might have been provided such that Paul’s people couldn’t have gone elsewhere and gotten the same deal from someone who isn’t a degenerate conspiracy theorist.

This goes much closer to the heart of Paul’s direction. While anyone can contribute to a political campaign, the choice of where the money goes is directly and completely relevant to an analysis of the candidate. If Paul chooses to help fund a 9/11 Truther, voters can reasonably conclude that Paul has sympathy for the paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Exactly so. And let’s face it, Ron Paul has shown us every possible indication that he’s a grade A screwball.  Payments to Alex Jones would seem to be the icing on the cake.

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