• I know it’s the holiday weekend but ovoid as this place been slowed today.  From what I’m saying, everybody else is suffering from the same trend.  (Shrug)
  • Second place at the OTB Caption Contest.
  • Right Wing News is carrying an exclusive column from embed Matt Sanchez who’s writing from Ramadi, Iraq.
  • I see someone offed himself at “Burning Man”. According to the story dangled for something like two hours at the top of a two story tall tent for a couple hours before someone thought to bring him down… his friends apparently thought he was doing an art piece. What kind of stuff do you need to smoke in jest or shoot up to become quite so slow?
  • Senator John Warner is apparently going to announce tomorrow at the university of Virginia whether not intends to seek the White House.  Given his age, the lack of money, and lack of calls for his running, I’d have to say no, but then, he might just be stupid enough, anyway.
  • The lefties are still making an awful lot of noise about Larry Craig.  Only, more than is justified for somebody that nobody’s defending.  There’s no real argument here.  Yet the company of voices is nearly deafening.  But have you noticed?  While we’re all busy worrying about Larry Craig, none of them are saying very much at all about Hillary Clinton and her funding sources.  Given that the Larry Craig arrest happened last June, and the Hillary Clinton / Norman Hsu thing is very much current, my first instinct is to raise questions about the timing of the Larry Craig story being released.  I don’t know, if there is a reasonable connection here, but it does seem to pop up in the news media had an awfully convenient time, when in reality it should have popped up anytime between the June 11th arrest date, and say, mid August. Certainly, there are somewhat more innocent reasoning behind this timing occurring; not least of which the mainstream news media wasn’t watching Larry Craig very closely.  But logic would seem to suggest that when you’re trying to get something /anything on those hated Republicans, that an opportunity like that would not normally have been missed.  It seems more likely that somebody held that card close to their vast until it was needed in the high-stakes poker game that Hillary Clinton is known to play.  And, did anybody notice, that the Iowa primaries are right around the corner?  Sure, there’s no connection there.

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