McQ, this morning points to a Daily Tech story I read as essentially saying that the scientific community has begun to back away from the suppose it consensus about the theory that humans are responsible for global warming.  He quotes a large portion of the text and then says:

Interesting. And the “why” of the supposed change?

These changing viewpoints represent the advances in climate science over the past decade. While today we are even more certain the earth is warming, we are less certain about the root causes. More importantly, research has shown us that — whatever the cause may be — the amount of warming is unlikely to cause any great calamity for mankind or the planet itself.

I think that’s a fair assessment and certainly one that reflects my thinking on the subject.

And my own.

But it goes directly against what has become both a political movement and a quasi-religion for some. And I assume they’ll continue to work ceaselessly and tirelessly to effect expensive and economy killing changes in the name of their movement.

We all need to calm down, cool down (no pun intended) and quit playing politics with something as important as this issue.

Well now, here’s where we diverge a little bit in terms of opinion.  If the amount of warming involved is unlikely to cause any great calamity for mankind or the planet, and if man is not responsible for the first place, could someone please explain to me why it’s supposedly so important?  Seems to me the only important point of this entire discussion is that we are allowing ourselves to be driven to destroying our economy and our standard of living by what even the scientific community is beginning to agree is total nonsense.