So now we see, the Europeans considering a ban on cars capable of exceeding 100mph.  The reason?  Why, global warming, of course.

“Cars designed to go at stupid speeds have to be built to withstand the effects of a crash at those speeds. They are heavier than necessary, less fuel efficient and produce too many emissions,” says Davies, who resigned as LibDem group leader last year following an unfortunate email exchange on the subject of Israel.* “At a time when Europe is worried about its energy security it is sheer lunacy to approve the sale of gas guzzling cars designed to travel at dangerous speeds that the law does not permit.”

Now, hold the phone just a moment; Did you notice?  “an unfortunate e-mail exchange on the subject of Israel ”


But let’s examine the charge that the cars are heavier.  Most performance cars, are intentionally made lighter, so as to improve the horsepower to weight ratio.  In pursuit of that lighter weightt, they often use aluminum, and fiberglass, another composites.  Consider the Corvette, the latest version of which tips the scale at a paltry 3100lbs, even in full street trim.


Or, since we’re talking about the EU, here, let’s try the Porche 911 turbo, weighing in at around 2900lbs. (OK, add 120lbs or so for the girl…. yowsers!)

Clearly, the reasoning here is off.  At least, the stated reasoning.

One wonders if his comments on Israel, were equally inaccurate. and isn’t it interesting, but here again we see the far left, denigrating both western values, (as in this case, individualism, and the ability to purchase the kind of transportation that you desire has opposed to what the government tells you to buy ) and denigrating Israel. amazing how frequently that meme pops up, isn’t it?

I can only imagine what this moron would have to say about the 5000lb. camper that I have in my driveway, along with the vehicle that tows it. Not that I much care… except for amusement value.

At some point, western society is going to decide as a whole, that the best way to deal with such liberloons as Davies is to tie them up with a long chain, connected to the trailer hitch on the SUV and take them for a long scrape around the neighborhood.

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