• Little Green Footballs, tonight, notices an interesting trend at the CNN site as regards searches against “Jerusalem”. it may have been a mistake, the generated that response, it may have been a conscious decision on the part of some second level programmer, or it may have actually been a conscious decision on the part of CNN management.  Regardless, I think it was a mistake.  That being said, even in the mistake we are reminded of the ties of our Judeo Christian culture to that land, to that country, to those people.  But possibly not to CNN, who in that search is able to deal cleanly with searches for “Palestine”, but not “Jerusalem “.
  • Without getting into specifics, I recently got into a bit of a verbal tussle with one of the denizens of the blog where Mona is posting, these days.  Suffice it to say, the jet took some overage at the correct use of the English language, specifically the word “traitor”.  As I asked him, just today, what the world am I supposed to call somebody who encourages us to take the path that gives either directly or indirectly aid and comfort to a sworn enemy?  Dictionary.com, offers but one word for that.  Interestingly it’s the one he took umbrage with.  Sorry about that.  Welcome to “words mean things”.  At the same time, I see where the president screwed up today, and called the amnesty bill, amnesty.  Well, you know how it is, sometimes the obvious actually slips out.  However, here again, the correct usage of the word is employed, and yet so as to be politically correct, that correct use is to be avoided. Well, any reader of this site for any length of time will of figured out that I’m not much on political correctness, and that I will call things as I see them, and will use the English language to describe what I see. I see no purpose but confusion of the issue, to be served by trying to redefine the content of the dictionary. and that , dear reader, goes to both sides of the political aisle.  The president is guilty of that, as are many republicans, and so are antiwar Democrats.  I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of it coming from both sides during this next election cycle.  But when you see arguments like this, ask yourself, why are they trying to rework the dictionary?  Is it for their own short term political gain? Words are the only tools we have in a lot of mediums, this one being one of them.  Damned if I’m going to go on the defensive for using the English dictionary is a guidebook for the meaning of words.
  • Speaking of amnesty, I see that the vote went through today, 64, to 35.  At least, the vote on cloture did, but you know which way that’s going to go when this comes up for a final vote.  I submit to you that this vote is the end of America as we know it.  And no, I don’t think that’s overstating it.  That is the logical conclusion of what got crammed down our throats, today.  Look, I understand that the final cloture vote comes on Thursday… and I also know that around 5 votes are what’s deciding this. But that it got this close at all, tells me that short term political gain has become of greater import than the good of the country, and the solemn sworn duty to represent the wishes of the people. This monstrosity may yet not go through.  But I think the damage has already been done.    Michelle Malkin is doing a superior job of keeping track of all of this nonsense.  How is it that such a wildly unpopular bill manages to get ramrod it through the Congress?  How is it that the will of the American people was subverted by the people elected to represent them?  Seems to me that’s a question to take up with them by phone, by fax, and come November 08, The by removing them from office.  Apparently, at least in this case, redefining the word “amnesty” worked.
  • There’s lots more that I ought to be writing about, but I’m a little too annoyed to bother,at the moment.


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