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Making That Paint Pop

OK, perhaps something a bit lighter for discussion.

I find with the new truck I’ve really gotten into getting that and my wife’s car to look their best.  At the moment, my efforts are concentrated on making the paint ‘pop’ visually.

I’m looking at various wax/ bonding products.  I’ve used Meguires Cleaner Wax [1]as a first step, on the idea that any step would be a good one for the first time out.  That produced excellent results, but proved to be a pain in the butt to get the truck cleaned from all the wax ‘corn’ and the other residual that sneaks into every single crack and seam on the vehicle. I suppose that would be the situation for every non-clear product I try.

So, I’m looking at the clear products;  Turtle Wax’s ICE, [2]Which is apparently nothing more than liquefied, clarified Carnuba. It’s a little on the expensive side, but might be worth it if it saves me the trouble of going back over the car several times trying to remove all the little white spots between the doors, and in the trim, and so on.

I’m also finding that there’s a deadly combo on this truck; Aluminum spoked wheels, and disk brakes. Cleaning the wheels every second day is getting to be the routine. I have a half an idea that waxing the wheels may save me some cleaning, but is there a better way to minimize this problem?

Perhaps we can start a discussion about this stuff, here.