Hillary ClintonThe headline shouts “Hillary Clinton shatters fundraising records“, a new record, and a smashing headline.   Yet Ace has the audacity to suggest “Hillary’s In Trouble.”   Is Ace drinking Jonestown Kool-Aid?

Actually no.  While Mrs. Clinton reported raising thirty-six millions dollars, ten million came from Mrs. Clnton’s senate campaign.   Further, Mrs. Clinton’s rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards are reported to have raised twenty-one and fourteen million, in primary only money   In contrast, Mrs. Clinton is collecting both primary and general election money.  It possible that Mrs. Clinton actually trails Obama in primary money raised.

Mrs. Clinton appears to betting the farm on creating the appearance of an invincable front runner.   If Mrs. Clinton can not crush her opponents’ will to campagin, she will be forced to campaign on her considerable wit and charm. 

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