Bit blogged about the MSM interest, or lack thereof same, in Charles Rust-Tierney.   Bit wrote:

[I]f you figured the press had any integrity

To expand from Rust-Tierney to a general principle, I suggest, with the press when it comes to integrity, agenda wins ever time.  While not the same order of magnitude as Rust-Tierney, Jay Tea, at Wizbang, offers yet another illustration of agenda over integrity.

The Boston Herald and  Jessica Fargen write a piece long on agenda but rift with factual error

A national rights group for the blind is vowing action after a vision-impaired South Boston man was denied a visit on the historic USS John F. Kennedy yesterday after Navy officers told him it was too perilous for the blind. 

“When it happens, it’s a very traumatic experience to be denied the right to participate in something,” said Mika Pyyhkala, 34, who unlike 30,000 other people, did not get a chance to walk the deck of the USS JFK yesterday.

Marc Maurer, an attorney and president of the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore, said the Navy’s denial violates the federal Americans with Disabilities Act as well as a state law providing for equal access.

One the John F. Kennedy is not an historic ship.   She is a commissioned US Navy warship.   Nobody has a right to board a commissioned Navy warship.   The Kennedy is not a place of public accomadation, at least not yet.   The Americans with Disabilities Act is totally non applicable.

Maybe, just maybe, if the Herald had sent a military affairs rather than  a health and medical reporter they might have known the keel from the masthead of warship.  Or would that being asking too much?

In all likelyhood, the incident with Mika Pyyhkala was staged.  In  a zest to promote a poltical agenda, the Herald sent a reporter to cover a story on which she was not competent.  Agenda over integrity.

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