Eric Blair a.k.a. George OrwellSome where George Orwell, 1903-1950, is looking up and grinning.    The House has passed a bill intented to strip workers of their right to a free elections, with the diabolical title of Employee Free Choice Act,   Only in Moscow, the former Soviet Union, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, or Mrs. Pelosi’s House of Representatives, would a bill intended strip workers of their right to a free and secret elections be called a free choice act.

By the logic of Mrs Pelosi, voting in secret subjects the worker to pressure by his employer or wanna be union, but having to sign, or not sign, a union card in public s0mehow removes that pressue.   Sure Mrs. Pelosi.   If you honestly believe that, I have Arizona beach front property for you.  If you believe that open election are somehow more democratic than secret election,  you need to vote to eliminate the curtain on all voting booths.

Mrs. Pelosi’s Orwellian bill may play well with the what seven percent of American workers who are uniionized.  i dare say it will not go over with some ninty-threre percent who are not.   You know, I just don’t believe Mrs. Pelosi is dumb enough to actually believe what she is saying here.

Further, as Mrs. Pelosi’s bill is doomed in the Senate, she pissed off ninety percent of American workers for no gain. 


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