The first law of holes is to stop digging   The John Kerry/John Edwards campaign evidently not gotten the memo.

Elizabeth Edwards has issued the following statement

When Miss Coulter spoke about John at the conservative convention in Washington yesterday, she used a word that she intended as a nasty and derogatory suggestion. John and I have long ago shrugged off the vile words of this person. When she made a joke about the exact moment of death of Charlie Dean (Howard’s brother and a schoolmate of mine), and when she attacked the courageous 9-11 widows, she told you all you need to know about what she is made of: her compassion — or lack thereof.  Now we need to find out about you.  

Mrs. Edwards in a snit because Ann Coulter said a word which casts homosexuals in a negative light.  Awe!

The Edwards campaign hired a blogmaster who regularly, as matter of habit, impugned, insulted and belittled Christians.    The Edwards camgaign is in no position to preach on hate.

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