What do watermelons hate above all else? Modern sanitation. So this story goes long way to explain the eviromental wakco’s hatred of us. We wipe.

Every Briton flushes 17.6 kilos (39lb) of toilet paper down the lavatory every year, almost two and half times the European average, according to tissue industry figures. 

British toilet paper consumption of 110 rolls per capita is 25 times that of Ukraine’s, Europe’s lowest. 

Americans pull 15.7 kilos off the roll, ahead of Western Europe’s average flush of 12.4, but still well behind the British. 

Does anybody wish to visit the Ukraine? 

(H/T: Betsy Newmark, Betsy’ Page


Update: Bit: 

I addressed part of this back in ’02: 

In listening to my short wave up here, I am hearing reports of the world summit in Johannesburg, where the free world is told among other things that the flush toilet is a major problem, culturally. Some of the other gems coming out of that are typical leftist; it’s the rest of the world’s fault that South Africa is so poor. Of course the fact that the place has sunken into poverty in the time that the socialist African National Congress has been in power, there., isn’t the reason, huh? 

So, the Africans hate us, to the point of attack, because of the flush toilet.

Give the left marks for consistancy, at least. 

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