I see that Billy Hollis has posted an article on his new Q&O digs, as regards digital rights management.  For those of you who don’t know that phrase the translation is “copy protection” .

My response was that of a jaded IT support specialist, who has seen all kinds of “security” come and go.  In most ways, DRM is the same as any other security measures within the digital world. Thus, I posted the rules of DRM:


1: System Security WILL eventually be broken by hackers, period.

2: The more of a pain security is to the legal users, the more help the hackers will have from legal users toward the goal of defeating the security.

3: Those who don’t understand that relationship, will see their business suffer as word gets out about how unusable the product is… and then get their stuff pirated, anwyay, pursuant to rule 1.

Clearly, these rules take their queues from other basic laws in the real world… basic laws which, not surprisingly the social left has been doing it’s level best to ignore for years… laws of economics, of human social interaction, and so on.

Do you suppose that the music companies being based in that Liberal Bastian, southern California, or the software companies, one in particular, being based in left-leaning Seattle, has anything to do with their pursuit of trying to rewrite those laws by means of government, and calling it ‘DRM’?

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