* As you can imagine, the weather around here is something of a priority for me.  At the moment, we’ve caught perhaps an additional foot of snow to lay on top of what we already had for about the last week or so.  That resulted in school closings again today, as well as most businesses being knocked out of action by 130 this afternoon.

Personally I was dealing with some additional action; Donna’s been dealing with a tooth problem, and needed an emergency visit to the Dentist… so I hadda run home from work today to take her over there. I don’t like doing that, on last minute, but in this case I didn’t have a great deal of choice.  But it is a little difficult to convince the people you’re working for that should take the commitments you’ve made to them seriously, when these things come up. I work with a nice bunch of people.  They pretty much know what’s going on when I make a request like that, but still, it bothers me.

As for the snow,  I see Billy is making note of it. He’s about 90 miles to my east southeast,   pretty much within shouting distance of interstate 81.

That would place him somewhere around ten or twelve miles to the north of Courtland , and maybe twenty to 25 miles south of Syracuse.  That pretty much places it a short hop from ski country.  Tully, if I recall rightly, has a fair sized one. Those people must be loving this stuff.

Billy also comments that most of the snow action is north along 81, and he’s right. They were already at 12ft. on the ground in some places, and I can imagine what this latest on the than dumping on them.  I haven’t had a chance to check out the accumulators, yet.  For all that they got before, however, this storm is more general in nature.  Matter of fact I just heard from a friend who lives over in the Berkshire mountains, who advises me they’re really catching it, just now. I can’t imagine driving on I90 in that kinda weather, through those hills. I seem to recall having enough problem just read the keep the truck moving during the summertime, let alone dealing with attraction problems.

Oh, well, back to work tomorrow….  after I shovel myself out again.

You know, I actually ended up shoveling a path in the back yard so the dog could deal with her business?  It’s the one disadvantage of having a dog that is an extraordinarily tall, all it takes is about a foot of snow, and squatting down becomes an impossibility for the poor thing.

* As it happens, while I was waiting for Donna, the dentist’s office, I happen to catch some of President Bush’s news conference.  He actually did pretty well. Which is probably why the press is pretty much ignoring it.
* John Mellencamp is a five star idiot.  To think I actually had some respect for that fool. (Shudder)

* Bill Riehl:

Seeing the reaction to a post by Instapundit

We should be responding quietly, killing radical mullahs and iranian atomic scientists, supporting the simmering insurgencies within Iran, putting the mullahs’ expat business interests out of business, etc.

is pretty funny given certain facts most weighing in seem to have forgotten. Punditry has the ability to become an echo chamber of your own first thoughts and less the act of observing reality and basing your judgments and conclusions on that.

Feb 5th: A senior nuclear physicist involved in Iran’s nuclear program has died under mysterious circumstances two weeks ago. A report on a US website is saying that he was killed by Israeli’s Mossad

Professor Ardashir Hosseinpour, was a world authority on electromagnetism. He was until recently working in one of the central processing sites in Iran’s nuclear program. Professsor Hosseeinpour was working on enrichment of uranium at the facility in Isfahan.

Governments, like the Lord, perhaps, can move in mysterious ways … or not. The trick is in the not knowing. But since the death of the Iranian nuclear scientist, Hezbollah has not attacked Israel and Iraq has not somehow deteriorated.

Heh… Truly said. more indication of what the left will never admit, and the press will never report; the president’s doing a good job at what he’s supposed to be doing; protecting the country.
As for the rest of it, it’s like I’ve been saying for the last several years, and catching hell for it; your moral compass or mine, doesn’t mean a damn thing if the enemy wins.  If that happens the only moral compass that matters, anymore, is theirs.  Thereby, not fighting to win upholds nobody’s moral compass but the enemy’s.

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