The Associated (with Terror) Press has been drinking the Kool-Aid yet again.

EL PASO, Texas Feb 15, 2007 (AP)— Border Patrol officials are investigating a shooting at the Mexican border that involved one of their agents.

Doug Mosier, a spokesman for the Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector, said an agent fired at least one shot at a group of would-be immigrants Tuesday night during a confrontation along the border near downtown El Paso.

The agent fired at least one shot after some of the immigrants began throwing rocks at him, narrowly missing the agent’s head, Mosier said.

The AP fails to mention the illegal status of the would be immigrants.   The AP established that  the group was armed and attacking the United States.   An an armed group waging an attack is a mob.

The agent protected his  life and broke up the mob with only a single shot.  Good job! Give the border agent a citation, and a  promotion.  If you see the agent, buy him a beer.?

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