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Super Bowl the Ads And the Game

 Personally, I couldn’t care less about the ads… but they keep my wife occupied while I watch the game, so I don’t complain. But you know, there are those who couldn’t care less about the game, per se’, but rather concentrate on the ads [1]. Always seemed a little strange to me.

Also, a little counter productive. Let’s recall that the Apple ad, annoucing the MAC showed up during the Super Bowl.  With the benefit of hidsight, some 20 years later, we see how THAT one turned out. (Hint: A perenial also-ran doesn’t strike me as being overly successful.)

 Allah [2]has a good roundup of this year’s Superbowl Ads [2].

CBS has a collection of the ads [3] up on ther site.

Go Daddy even has ones that CBS rejected [4].


Why am I even commenting on this stuff? I have no idea, really.

 I suppose I SHOULD comment, however, on the point taht my prediction of a Bears victory came out badly… despite the early run at it… the first dozen plays or so read like a Bears rout. And the Colt’s record over the season… particularly their defense… read like the Bears would have ’em on the ground.

It’s the ‘Any Given Sunday” rule, that applies, here.

(Shrug) To be hoenst, I didn’t watch football nearly as much this year. Being a Bills fan, I kinda withdrew after about half the season.