February 18, 2007 -New York Post- George Soros is at it again. The Democrats’ favorite financial fat-cat clearly isn’t feeling comfortable unless he’s comparing the United States to Nazi Germany.

He just did it again, telling a group of reporters over lunch recently that America’s future will be determined by the “extent it recognizes the mistake” that was made by waging war in Iraq – and purging those responsible.

“America needs to follow the policies it has introduced in Germany,” said the Hungarian-born hedge-fund billionaire, according to The New York Times. “We have to go through a certain de-Nazification process.”

Yes, you read right.

He said “de-Nazification.”


Democrats like Hillary Clinton, for example, who has said: “We need people like George Soros, who is fearless and willing to step up when it counts.”

Voters have a right to judge would-be presidents by the company they keep. Hillary Clinton – indeed, all Democrats – sully themselves by continuing to use George Soros, with his obscene pronouncements, as a benefactor.

The answer is they will not seperate themselves from Soros… not only because of his money, but because they agree with him on this. This kind of non-thinking, this kind of slur, is part and parcel of the Democratic Party today.

Like what you see, America?

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