Tonight’s Ramble is going to be short and sweet.

Well, short.

The reason is fairly simple; yesterday afternoon, I ended up making a hurry up trip to the hospital. My younger boy , Alex, was being transported there.  He was about in a diabetic coma.  But not quite.  We have spent the last couple of days, now, learning how to manage type one diabetes, in an eleven year old boy.  Needless to say, this has upset the family routine, not to mention the routine at our respective jobs, where I expect to be mending fences for quite awhile.  I work with a good bunch of people, but my sudden absence has undoubtedly put a strain on things.

Even absent that particular aspect, I’ve spent the last couple of days, feeling pretty much helpless.  There really isn’t a whole bunch you can do in this kind of situation but grab leather, and ride it out. Oh, I know…  people will deal with diabetes all the time.  Live normal, happy lives, without issue.  This transition, however, seems to have caught Donna off-guard little, and she needed the support.  And, me, as well. To say nothing of what’s been going on in Alex’s head. Alex, you see, is mildly autistic.  So these changes, for him, and for us, are more dramatic than would be the case for some.

The image of seeing the little guy in that big white hospital bed, didn’t help matters much.

All that said, Alex is, as expected, doing much better as this is written on Wednesday evening.  We anticipate having him home sometime tomorrow afternoon.  However, I anticipate some major changes in routine these next few days.  Changes that will likely remain in force the rest of his life. He’ll likely do just fine when see gets into the groove; he always has in the past.  It’s just that transition.

I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to “Nightly Ramble: Kids And Hospitals”

  1. Wow, Bit.  Best wishes to Alex and to Mom, Dad, and brother, too, for this thing to keep getting easier and not get anywhere near so scary again.  Hope all goes well getting Alex home tomorrow and getting everyone into this new groove in the coming days.  Do keep us posted.

  2. Thanks, Linda.