* We caught a storm around here tonight, the likes of which I haven’t seen in 30 years at least.  It snowed so hard around here I couldn’t see halfway across my front yard.  It was no good taking a picture of it, because it would have come out totally white. And of course, I had to go out to pick up the food we ordered for dinner, in it.  Driving in that stuff really isn’t all that bad , at least for somebody who’s used to driving in snow.

And of course, the single digit temperatures around here make it interesting.  To make it even more interesting, we actually had a couple of lightning strikes in the neighborhood, which will give you a rough idea of heavily it was snowing.  The only time I’ve ever seen lightning strikes in the wintertime, were in snowfalls that were heavy enough to cause heart attacks just watching the stuff fall; this was one such situation.

I’d like us to one of the environmental weenies who are telling me that I don’t need an SUV, to try and drive in this stuff.  Most people have no clue.

I decided on the way down, that it was actually better than driving in a heavy fog , something I’ve done many times… if only because in a snowstorm you but least get the tracks of the vehicle who went that way before you to follow. Of course, it wasn’t until I got back that if it occurred to me to question whether not the vehicles whose tracks I was following, had run off into a ditch for me to follow.

I dare say, there are a few people who would have preferred that for me.

* Welcome home, Billy.

* I see George Soros in the news again.  Typical vehement socialist. And here we go again with the “Bush is Hitler” meme. apparently, for all their denials, about having indicated bush was Hitler, they’ve forgotten all about that now, and are swinging in behind and in support of Mr. Soros. I guess I’m not surprised. Perhaps integrity was a bit too much to expect from Democrats.  Oh… that reminds me…

* If you believe this global warming hoax, or you have as I have labeled it a complete hoax, either way, you need to read this.

An excellent bit, isn’t it? You would be amazed at the number of people who simply can’t answer the questions he poses; and yet with an almost religious fervor will believe not only that the earth is doomed, but that we’ve doomed it.

No, I’m not kidding. There are those, now, who are pointing toward population growth, as the cause for “global warming.  ” This nonsense was disregarded here in the west 30 years ago when I started trying to sell it to us. Still, there are those who never quite got over having their ’cause’ rejected so soundly, who are now taking up the call yet again.

To accept their argument, however, one needs to accept the idea that global warming exists at all.  Most people do not ; including scientists. Proof of global warming has yet to be entered into evidence.
One also needs to accept that, given the first item, man is responsible for the warming ; this has also yet to be entered into evidence.

Finally, one needs to accept both the first two items, and except that this is simply a numerical problem, and less human influence on the planet will solve the issue.

Well, just for laughs, let’s accept all three of those.  Just for argument’s sake.  I took up this argument recently in email:

How would you prefer we address the problem?  Seriously.  Various forms of birth control have ravaged the various cultures that have tried it. Take China, as an example. The free rein of abortion has all but removed the French and Germans from the face of the planet, and per capita birth rates are already down in the US.  I mean, really… what’s your solution? Are we going to kill off a few billion people to re-attain this rather arbitrary population density?

I mean, do these people even look at the consequences of what they propose?  In the case of the discussion of hand, the proponent ducked away from the issue altogether, by saying that it was already too late and we are all doomed.  One of many I’ve run across of late.
130px-1999823.pngOf course, that’s total nonsense, as well; people have been predicting the end of the world, at least once per week since the beginning of the world, and may notice we’re still here.

Interesting side note on that point; And one that causes me to wonder a bit….

Usually the predictor of the end of the world was some religious cult leader or other.  One such example would be Marshall Applewhite.
If you don’t recall him go and read the link. I think you’ll find the comparison of interest. I wouldn’t be the first one to notice that the environmentalist-wackos have a number of similarities to the wackos like Applewhite… an almost religious aura about them. Certainly, they take global warming on faith.. just like Applewhite, who figured that all one needed to do was to cut off your equipment commit suicide at the right time, and you could catch the comet for a ride to heaven.

If you examine this fruitcakes life, you begin to wonder if it isn’t a case of guilty conscience gone amok that leaves them to such things.

Although he married during this time and had two children, he was fired from his job as a teacher for having a homosexual affair with a student. The official reason given by St. Thomas, a private college, for his termination, was “health problems of an emotional nature.

Hey… if “Bush is Hitler” is valid…..

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