Today’s your birthday, Honey. Certainly you’ll be getting gifts on this day, but I think the occasion correct to ask for something of you, too.

There are times, I know, when you see me not at my best. You must wonder, at those times if my love for you is damaged or gone altogether.

Perhaps it would help, if you knew about the times you don’t see.The times nobody knows about.  The times I sneak a look at you when you’re just doing those things you do every day.
It couldĀ  be anywhere, really…

When you’re sleeping next to me at night, or riding together, or when you’re relaxing before bed…helping the boys with their homework…. Whatever.-could be anywhere.

Often,during those all-too- brief moments, I look at you and wonder what great good deed I have done, what marvelous grace that I have been granted, that God would give me so wonderful a life’s mate… And how I can ever make up for those times when I wasn’t at my best…as happens all too often.

You see, as much as I know you’re willing to accept me as I am, I think … No… I KNOW… that you deserve so much more. I always come away feeling you’ve been cheated when I’m not at my best, or when something doesn’t work out well.

All I can ask is that when the pressures placed on us both, get between us, as they will, that you remember…

There’s someone stealing glances at you.

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