Me, just now at Q&O as regards Amanda Marcotte:


…her response (To Donahue and the public outcry generated by her nonsense..) is more or less centerline for all leftists that find themselevs challanged. They start charging dragging out their touchstones… sexism being one of them. I all but expected her to tell us she was doing it all ‘for the children’.

Say what you will about Bill Donahue… but the reason that he was so effective in this case is that Marcotte is an easy target…. because in the end, she made herself so. If Donahue didn’t have at least a grain of truth going for him here the whole thing woulda been laughed out of the public Sphere… and Donahue’s org with it.

Face it, gang…

While I have no real love nor hate for Donahue and his group… on this occasion he happens to be correct. 

Helping him in making that point is the long standing image that the left has built up for themselves over the years of being religiously bigoted… at least as far Christians and Jews are concerned… (Gaia forfend they should ever be seen as being anti-Islam…) That bigotry is not just an image problem…. it’s a fact.

 Nor are these two loudmouths, Marcotte and McEwan, alone in this. The recent history…(The last 40 or 50 years) of the left in this country is riddled with indications of bigotry. Such long-standing leftist bigotry is precisely why I suggested the other day that I am amazed there is such a thing as a religious left. It’s about equal with the concept of “Jews for Nazism”, in terms of how much sense it makes. Such people can be nothing but self-destructive.

Amanda, honey, your problem isn’t that Bill Donahue went after you. Your problem is that you’re guilty of exactly what he charges… Religious bigotry. You’re a bigot, Amanda, and there’s no other word for it. Donahue just happened to be the one with stones enough to point it out for what it is.

That there’s even any discussion on the point… that there are idiots on DU(h)  (For example) defending you, only demonstrates how deeply rooted that anti-religious bigotry is rooted among the left, today, and how correct Donahue is for pointing it out.

Second thoughts: (Bit)


How the hell can she claim she wasn’t being taken seriously because she’s a woman, while involved with a ticket that has a Breck Girl at the head of it?



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3 Responses to “News Flash to Marcotte And McEwan: Your Problem Isn’t Donahue”

  1. Aye Laddy, it’s a good day.  Amanda “Pandagon” Marcotte and Joe “The Liar” Wilson both going down in in flames.  Aha, the Plame flame.  I like it.

    As to Melissa McEwan, asiding from editting a liberal blog, I haven’t seem much a brief against here.  What be her status?  Seem to be mystery.

    Bill O’Reilly, the bag of hot air from Fox, seems to think this affair reflects poorly and Macottes’ former employer, John “The Breck Girl” Edwards and mark the effective end of the Edwards campaign. I tend to agree.  After all if Edwards can’t handle Amanda Marcotte, how is every to handle Kim Jong Il?

  2. Oh, I agree it reflects poorly on Edwards, etc.

    That it wasn’t seen as an issue seems to reveal a serious bigotry issue within Edward’s campaign.

    McEwan… she of the constant wailing against the “Christofascists”… is still employed by Edwards as far as I know.
    Which speaks to the seriousness… or rather the lack of it, with which Edwards takes oall of this.

    And here’s the real problem Edwards faces; He cannot seriously seperate himself from such nonsense, since it is part and parcel of the Demoratic party today.

  3. Yeah, Melissa McEwan resigned as well.