Mrs. ClintonMrs. Clinton is not a very smart person.   In a campaign web video, she has threatened to end the war:

“Now it’s time to say the redeployment should start in 90 days or the Congress will revoke authorization for this war,”

There two major problems with Mrs. Clinton’s bold assertion.   One it is not constitutional.   Two, she does not have the political support to get such a bill passed.   She is merely spitting into the wind.   It is not smart to make empty threats.

It takes sixty one votes to get a bill of the Senate and sixty-seven to override a veto.  Mrs. Clinton does not have sixty-one votes, much less sixty-seven.   If Mrs. Clinton does indeed introduce such a bill, it will never make it out of committee.

Mrs. Clinton later rattles,

“If George Bush doesn’t end the war before he leaves office, when I’m president, I will,”

This is the same war, Mrs. Clinton said she will end over a year before the next president takes office.   That is if Mrs.. Clinton’s first threat is valid, then her second would be utterly pointless.

See the video, here

The democrats need to call Bill Richardson,  Their top tier canidates are doing a Howard Dean.?

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