Tucker CarlsonThe website Think Progress did the blogospheric equivilent of cleaning latrines.   The site counted cable network references to the Anna Nicole Smith.    The count:  MSNBC; 170 references; CNN. 141 and Fox 112.  

My question, which count would you consider indicative of victory?  I’d be inclined to say, Fox.   Smith’s accomplishments in her own right, were limited.  She was a celebrity, but not a talent.  She certainly was no president. 

Smith achieved both fame and riches, but not happiness.  She was a failure.    We as a society have an undue and unhealthful obesssion with  celebrity.   I, for one, sure hope that MSNBC lost the rating battle yesterday.  What say you?

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(H/T photo:  MSNBC )

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One Response to “Is Anna Nicole Smith Still Dead, Wolf?”

  1. I, for one, would suggest that it indicates just how far gone MSNBC is, these days.