I see John Hawkins is consulting for Duncan Hunter.

 John’s a blogging freind, and I’m glad to see he’s got the gig.

I must admit that thusfar, of the current field, Hunter is really the one I like best, but I wonder about his chances on the national stage.  Joyner doesn’t seem to think he has much of a chance, and a few months ago, I might have agreed.  But at the moment, I’m thinknig that Hunter will if nothing else, benefit from the lack of quality in the rest of the field. The likes of Hawkins in his corner won’t hurt him, either.

I’m mildly interested in the fine line Hawkins draws here:

 While I was hired to work specifically on the Duncan Hunter campaign, I want to emphasize that I was recruited and hired as an independent contractor by TCV Media, not by the Hunter campaign. Additionally, I am not a blogger or public spokesperson for the Hunter campaign.

This would seem to be a prudent response to the Amanda Marcottes of the world, and their followers; As I think I mentioned last night, there’s a lot of leftieloons out for blood.

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