McQ notes Mona getting back into the act.

Of particular note to me, was a rather interesting claim of hers;

I was at my “own site,” a group blog owned by Jon Henke, and I was one of Jon’s recruits.

Interesting…Mona apparently doesn’t do irony, or she’d have busted a screen with that one.

That said though, she’s apparently talking about a couple of guest posts that she had put up over there at Q&O a while ago… or more correctly, Jon had put up. I gather he was trying to give her a legitimate voice for reasons that I still don’t understand.

It was, in fact those posts, that led me to question not only Hanke’s sincerity about his political positions, but his sanity, as well.  One of the concerns that I had with the gent while he was posting over there was that he frequently leaned way too far left, and I was of the opinion at the time that that would eventually backfire.  I was hardly alone in that perception.  Then, as if to confirm all of that, he starts posting the ravings of a left wing nut case… Mona… and signing onto it.  As Bruce now says… you don’t do that with just anyone. And so, I proceeded to argue with him ,on an idea by idea basis.  I have always said this place is about ideas.

And in a funny kind of way, it would appear Mona thought the guy was leaning left, too.

Look, granted, Mona is a rubber room case.  I think some of the stuff she pulls would even give the likes of Willis the heebeejeebies. This most recent example being prime on my list that the moment.  But hard as I have been on Henke, I don’t think him the leftist that Mona obviously does. She thinks he agrees with her on this stuff; and after the exalted treatment she got, who could blame her?

This does speak rather loudly to the concept of being careful about who your friends are. that line takes a special quality, in the world of political blogdom. As I believe I said at the time…. Though I suspect that they still don’t understand what the hell I’m talking about over there, on these points. (Sigh) Oh, well.
Where is she posting now?

Unqualified Offerings, that’s where.

McQ notes that Jim Henley’s blog was once highly regarded. He’s kind enough not to say so, but I’m not; that place is gonna come crashing to the ground very quickly, with her blatherings being posted there.  Which, was precisely my fear for Q&O… a blog I personally still hold in high regard. Though I expect to Henley’s hit rate will go up , the credibility of that site will continue it’s downward spiral.

For my part, and for that reason, I took that site off my check sheet a little over a year ago.  As such, I will admit to a bit of surprise to her being there, as I haven’t seen the place in a while.

So why, comment at all? A fair question.
I guess when you come down to it, I didn’t quite have the words, in my anger, to say what was making me so uneasy about that situation, back in the day….  and I guess in the end, I’m not quite sure I have the proper words for it now; I’m sure there’s going to be some people who will misunderstand what I say here.  So be it.

But this kind of event was precisely why I was angry at the time; My vision keeps coming back to Bush 41 compromising with the Democrats and then getting beat up in the election of 92 over that compromise by those selfsame Democrats. No connection, other than the concept involved; It comes down to a matter of judgment about who you sign on with , and who you compromise with.

And in the end, I’m glad that the Mona bit didn’t come down quite as badly as I had the feeling it was going to, at the time.

For whatever good thoughts are worth, anymore.

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