Socialist counties have a chronic history of shortages.    There is a reason, socialsits criminiize providing commodiites.   Socialists make providing commodies illegal then profess bewilderment when shortages result.

The former Soviet Union had long lines from everything from meat to toilet paper.   Not to be outdone, Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez has threatened to jail grocers.  Simon Romero, New York Times, has the sordid details:

CARACAS, Venezuela, Feb. 16 — Faced with an accelerating inflation rate and shortages of basic foods like beef, chicken and milk, President Hugo Chávez has threatened to jail grocery store owners and nationalize their businesses if they violate the country’s expanding price controls.

Rememer HillaryCare?  Mrs. Clinton wanted to criminallize providing  health care?  Chavez’s criminalization of the grocery business, is not putting food on anybody’s table.  Mrs. Clinton’s criminization of health care was not going make anybody healthy and her proposed pseudo-criminalization of oil business would not put any fuel in your gas tank.

Give the long and sorry history of sociialism, what explains the continued obession with it?   I suggest that socialists, like Hugo Chavez and Hillary Clinton, crave the personal power and are willing to spite the people to get it.   That is they rather have the personal power than for you to have a full belly  or full tank of gas.

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