BAGHDAD, Iraq —AP- The Iraqi Cabinet approved a draft law Monday to manage the country’s vast oil industry and distribute its wealth among the population _ a major breakthrough in U.S. efforts to press the country’s Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish groups to reach agreements to achieve stability. Parliament will take up the measure when it reconvenes early next month after a recess. With all major parties endorsing the bill, approval is likely _ although some politicians predicted a vigorous debate on some of the details.

Interesting. The left has been screaming for literally years that such a deal would be the first step toward quelling violence in Iraq. They’ve been busy blaming the President for it not happening, and have been all over the Iraqis, as well.  One wonders what their reaction would be, today. So far, silencio, but the day is not over.

Here, it seems, is a chance for the Democrats to show their quallity, their integrity… or their lack of same. I’ve said it repeatedly, here… the worst thing you can give a Democrat is exactly what they ask for. Will they now admit that the goal has been accomplished by the Bush administration, in spite of their catterwalling about it? Or will they be as silent on this victory as they have been all the other recent victories in Iraq by the United States? Or, in the worst case, if violence is NOT curbed by this action, will they admit their original assesment was wrong?

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