Senate Democrats came up short in their effort to pass a resolution condemning President Bush’s troop surge in Iraq.  Joe Lieberman had it right when he said the resolution was meaningless, so why bother supporting it?  So the question stands: if President Bush’s plan in Iraq is so wrong, then why not pull the funding for it?

Even some Republicans who had supported the anti-war resolution voted against it, because Democrats wanted to limit debate to just that one proposal.  There was another proposal on the table; a resolution which said that the Senate would not cut funding for the additional troops in Iraq.  The Democrats were afraid that if this resolution were to be debated and voted upon it might very well draw more votes than the anti-war resolution they were pushing.  That would, of course, had made their anti-war resolution look rather anemic.  So the democrats chose the path of preventing the alternate resolutions from coming to the floor of the Senate .. and in so doing they accuse the Republicans of trying to stifle debate.  So it comes to pass that Harry Reid fails in his bid to debate President Bush’s troop surge.  But really, as Lieberman pointed out, it would’ve been a complete waste of time anyway.  What would be accomplished?  Hardly anyone in the Senate is going to actually vote to stop the war.  The next time a Democrat drones on about how Iraq is becoming like Vietnam, then they need to be asked when they are going to vote to cut off funding to the war like in Vietnam.  That conversation will be over.

That’s Neal Boortz, yesterday.

What he’s bringing to light here is something of suspected for some time; try as they might, the democrats simply can’t bring themselves to separate themselves from reality quite so far as their rhetoric would have us believe.  The bottom line is that they no removing the funding from Iraq, and our activities there, endangers us.

So, Neal is quite correct when he says they don’t have the stones to vote against funding for the war effort.  The American people simply aren’t going to put up with it.

But consider this; By extension, then, they must also know that their constant strident, and desperate bickering about it is also endangering us.  Interesting, however, that we can’t seem to find a Democrat with the integrity to admit it.

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