* I took the boys out for a rail photo run on Sunday… We quickly saw that nothing was moving… and quite by chance, stumbled onto why. The picture, here, is taken from one of our favorite sitting spots… and one I’ve written about before.  You’re on Sanford Road, in Churchville, NY, looking west toward […]

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davidl on February 26th, 2007

It never fails to irritate me to see professsional reporters pontificate on subjects in which they are so bloody ignorant.  This story has one reporter in a snit: Victor Harris zoomed at 80 to 90 miles per hour in his Cadillac covering nearly nine miles in six minutes with a deputy sheriff hot on his tail. […]

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Eric Florack on February 26th, 2007

You can always figure somebody’s priorities, by what they do and do not do. A case in point would be last night’s Oscar awards. How is it that the academy managed to find time to award Al Gore for his propaganda film, but somehow, after eight tries, has never managed to get an award to […]

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davidl on February 26th, 2007

CBS News info babe, can’t call her a reporter, reports a “grass roots” anti war movement among soldiers in Iraq.  Logan’s, and CBS’s problem, is that this is not a grass roots movement but rather an Astroturf campagned by Fenton Comunications, the same group which foisted Mrs. Sheehan off on  you. Milblogs has the story […]

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