by Jonathan Weisman and Lyndsey Layton Washington Post Staff Writers Sunday, February 25, 2007; Page A05 The plan was bold: By tying President Bush’s $100 billion war request to strict standards of troop safety and readiness, Democrats believed they could grab hold of Iraq war policy while forcing Republicans to defend sending troops into battle […]

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Eric Florack on February 25th, 2007

Over at Q&O, Dale Franks notes: From Inside Higher Ed comes this story of a new bill in Arizona.  A state Senate Committee has approved a bill that is abhorrent to First Amendment liberties. The bill, whose chief sponsor is the Republican majority leader in the Senate, would ban professors at public colleges and universities, […]

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davidl on February 25th, 2007

If according to the Associated Press new mantra, the sex lives of great-grandfathers is relevant, then so by god is the sex life of one’s father.  Sweetness & LIght has found the story the American MSM has refused to run.  From the Daily Mail(UK) Grandfather Obama sent his son to a missionary school but after completing […]

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davidl on February 25th, 2007

Ed Morrissey, Captain’s Quarters, thinks the media is really despereate.  Kevin Hayden, American Street, tells the MSM to “Stop this shit.” I say, briing it on.  The Associated Press has just changed the rules of political coverage.  The AP has now deemed the sex life of canidate’s family to be relevant.  Why didn’ t the AP do this for […]

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