Eric Florack on February 3rd, 2007

* We caught a storm around here tonight, the likes of which I haven’t seen in 30 years at least.  It snowed so hard around here I couldn’t see halfway across my front yard.  It was no good taking a picture of it, because it would have come out totally white. And of course, I […]

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davidl on February 3rd, 2007

A dilema is when you see your mother-in-law driving over a cliff in your brand new Corvette.   Here Pinch Sulzberg and the New York Times have a similar dilema.  The Times absolutely hates guns, legal or otherwise, and also opposes racial profiling. The Times reports a story suggesting that the New York Police Department  is racial profing in […]

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Eric Florack on February 3rd, 2007

As I watch the news of the day, today, I am taken with the notion that never before in this country’s history, have we had to fight a battle within the country before we could win the battle outside of the country.  I try to picture the kind of “resistance” which in reality is nothing […]

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Eric Florack on February 3rd, 2007

 LGF last night: The convocation for the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting was delivered today by Shi’ite Imam Husham Al-Husainy, of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center in Dearborn, Michigan, and it’s amazing what this spiritual leader managed to get away with saying, in front of America’s Democrat leadership: Video: Imam prays to stop ‘oppression and […]

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Captain Ed notes: John Warner has declared that he will filibuster his own non-binding resolution on the surge to protest the conduct of Harry Reid in limiting votes on alternatives, such as John McCain’s proposed language that supports the President’s new strategy for Baghdad and Anbar. The GOP says they can organize all 49 Senators […]

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Eric Florack on February 3rd, 2007

Just to give you a taste of what was going on around here last night…

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davidl on February 3rd, 2007

  In Washington Mrs. Clinton  made mad rhetorical lurch to the left. WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday she would not have attacked Iraq if she were president in 2002 and would end the war if elected, as she tried to blunt rivals like John Edwards who are stoking anti-war passions in […]

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