I see that Chris Hedges, the long-time NY Times journalist, has come out with a book entitled American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, in which he in essence says that the likes of Falwell and Robertson are Christian fascists.  

I wonder if all those people who hammered Bush and Santorum for talking about Islamic fascism will similarly excoriate Hedges for unfairly branding an entire religion (that would be Christianity in this case) with a scarlet “f”.

That’s Mike Ledeen today over at the Corner, pointing out yet another glaring double standard of the left. 

Know what? He’s right.

And why is it that when these double standards come up, it invariably ends up with America being on the fuzzy end of the stick?  Hedges, of course, has it exactly backwards… it’s not the right that’s decared war on America… it’s the left and their fellow travelers in Hizzbolah, and AlQueida.

And need I point out that Hedges is a fine example of the press bias he goes to great lengths to claim doesn’t exist? Of course, he works for the New York Times. Big shock, huh?

Appendum: (David L)   I freely confess that do not understand these demented liberals who seem hellbent on equating Islamofascists, with Quakers.  Non judgementalism gone amuk.

The far left wing strategy of false equation consists of pretending that Islamofascist activity is benign while proclaiming sheer panic of the thought of a Quaker revival meeting.

Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, has a video up which illustrates this absurdity.

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