From The New York Observer, this morning, comes word that Bill Keller, of the NY York Times is considering pulling a Hugo Chavez, and silence a voice he views as a problem:


The New York Times will soon decide whether it will do away with its public editor.
The two-year term of the current public editor, Byron (Barney) Calame, will conclude in May. There may, or may not, be another.
“Over the next couple of months, as Barney’s term enters the home stretch, I’ll be taking soundings from the staff, talking it over with the masthead, and consulting with Arthur,” meaning publisher Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr., wrote Bill Keller, The Times‘ executive editor, in an e-mail to The Observer.

Chavez, you’ll recall, denied the number 2 TV station in town a permit to operate because they were opposing him.  This seems a typical move. The rattle I’m hearing suggests that this is not being talked about in terms of ‘should we or shouldn’t we’, but ‘we should, but hiow can we get away with it’.  The subject is being brought to the discussion stage, I’m hearing, by Keller himself.

 Gee. How ordinary.



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