MLK Party

(H/T photo:  The Smoking Gun )  

 On 25 January,  we commented on a Martin Luther King Day party at Tarleton State University in Texas.   Bithead wrote:

Think about this; What are the students in question imitating? They’re simply imitating what they see in public… in the wake of any NBA team, for example. Or simply, on the street of any large city.

Well it appears that the students at Tarleton State did not bother to apply for patent protection for their party.  Hard to get a good patent attorney when you really need one.

It seems similar themed parties were held at both Clemson, South Carolina,  and  the University of Connecticut.  It may have taken longer for the word to get on these parties because college officials took down the pictures from the Internet.

Could it just be that multiple MLK satire parties were held because the black social condition is so ripe for satire?

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